Kristen Kennon & Maurice Taylor

If you haven’t seen iRealty Arkansas on your social media feed, you must be hiding under a rock! In the heat of the Central Arkansas Real Estate Market, out has emerged the most contagious brand in Real Estate. What happened here changed my life and the lives of many others and we are inspired to share our story and who we are, and who we’ve set out to become, with you. 

iRealty Arkansas is owned by our tiny visionary, Kristen Kennon. Backed by 3 strapping boys, Jon, Steele and Slater, Kristen believes that family comes first and the passion you possess for what you do at work is key to your success. Kristen lives this example out loud for all to enjoy.  This girl-boss powerhouse caught a vision for this company and after hustling as an agent for nearly 4 years without an office on her side of the river, she decided she wasn’t willing to wait any longer. So, instead of continuing to ask for one, she went ahead and just bought the company – and then an office on the north side. 

Upon becoming the owner, Kristen went from hustling houses to hustling hearts. As the brand began to light up behind her, she closed on over 100 houses, getting her name and energy out into our community. Agents started to see what she had and the company began to grow. I  saw what was going on and decided I may not be willing to miss what was going to come out of this, so I joined up myself – closing the doors on my company and all that I had ever known professionally. So, what happened next?

iRealty Arkansas became the place that passionate people pursue. When a license hangs in our office, it hangs heavy – laden with opportunity and crammed full of inspired energy. Our people are encouraged to be themselves – their unique and fabulous, one-of-a-kind selves! We are not advised how we should dress or carry ourselves, but are asked to celebrate our amazing, AUTHENTIC self, and what is going to set us apart and make iRealty grow. 

Of course, we can’t just have fun all day! There has to be some work to keep this thing alive, right? Enter the next phase of growth for our company – education and experience. There are plenty of misguided geniuses in the world and lots of energy gets lost if they don’t pursue a disciplined course of action and go after their goals with clear intention. Kristen knows that, so she set her sights on a big fish and cast a line to see if she could catch him. If iRealty could combine its vision, passion, intelligence, innovation and excitement with a tested, seasoned, experienced and educated industry leader, what could stop that kind of train?  

Enter, Maurice Taylor. He might look young but he’s an old school original in the Little Rock real estate game. Having sold houses for longer than I’ve been out of high school, this Denzel Washington look alike (he made me put that in here)…. will make you laugh, educate you, cheer you on and show you how to take pride in your worth and value as an agent. Maurice is quick to advise agents not to discount their professional services in order to gain a client, stressing that we as agents work so hard to gain your trust, confidence, business… we should value ourselves.  He reminds us  that we don’t ask our doctors, teachers, even our Uber drivers for a discount –  so why do we ask our agents to do this for us? In addition to his supportive approach to teaching and guiding agents, Maurice can qualify you for a license, as he owns and operates the Vivid Real Estate Learning Center in North Little Rock. He teaches with passion and conviction and like Kristen, he does it every day. The thing I love about both of them is that they are still active agents teaching from a perspective of real time- it is an unparalleled approach. 

So the cat is out of the bag I suppose. Social media has announced it, so it must be official. Maurice Taylor has joined iRealty and will act as our principal broker. In conjunction with Kristen Kennon and the rest of the iRealty crew, we will be bringing you a real estate experience second to none. With this addition, all the bases are covered. Our innovative marketing, up to date and FUN training, our experienced and educational principal broker, our visionary leader and our solid team of real estate rockstars. Watch, Central Arkansas - iRealty Arkansas is about to SHOW OUT. 

Listen to our podcast on the go, or read our blog at the end of a long week… if you’re interested in joining our mission to educate our clients and our peers on all things real estate while having an absolute blast, reach out! We’d love to keep growing our tribe.