Jake Arey

This week's podcast was a lot of fun for yours truly! Jake has a lot of energy (which often accompanies youth), however his knowledge is what made him the perfect candidate for the BLOCKtalk. In my experience with Jake both personally and professionally, I have always felt challenged to raise my intellect to match the level of conversation and Tuesday's chat was no exception!! It is likely a result of Jake going after the most accurate information he can obtain on a consistent basis and dedicating himself to the satisfaction of his clients at every turn. Good job Jake, and thanks for coming on the podcast.

We learned from Jake - and yes he did wear khakis on Tuesday - that changes are likely coming from Dodd Frank and it could mean big news for our business! The link is at the bottom of the blog, be sure to check those and out and add value to your clients and colleagues by sharing what you find! 

Other helpful information we learned from Jake included the basics behind mortgage lending.  I found that advice to shop around, ask questions, and double check before making major purchases, were key things that our clients should take away from the conversation with their lender. Remember also that while you're doing all that HGTV binge watching, NOT to take out that Home Depot credit line until AFTER CLOSING! You could jeapordize your whole deal by snagging that washer and dryer on sale so when in doubt, ASK YOUR LENDER! 

The importance of a good Realtor, and a lender with which they communicate well and have experience dealing with, are high on the priority list for a first time homebuyer. Navigating the terrain of your first home purchase is scary stuff! Do your research, and don't settle for "I think so." Get educated, put the time in and make good choices - just like in life, it will totally pay off. 

If you need a home loan and want to test Jake's skills yourself, click his link at the bottom of the blog and let's go buy you a house! 

Next week, listen in as we find out what's in store for the RESTORE and so much more, with Steve Biernacki of Habitat for Humanity! 

Until then, stay jacked up and I'll catch you Tuesday on the BLOCKtalk.