Steve Biernacki

Jamie sits down with Steve Biernacki from Habitat for Humanity and Restore. 

Energy is a bit of an understatement for this week's guest, wouldn't you say?! What a pleasure meeting with Steve Biernacki with Habitat for Humanity.  It was one of the things I looked forward to most when we started this podcast- the ability to help others and educate our audience on how they can help others too! On the BLOCKtalk it is always our intention to add value and sometimes that has nothing to do with money. 

What I heard Steve say on Tuesday morning was that our city is in desperate need of your help. Those less fortunate or in the low to moderate income areas of Little Rock, North Little Rock, all of central Arkansas really - sometimes just need a hand UP and sometimes it's as simple as helping to fix a leaky roof or busted faucet, repairing a foundation issue... or at least it starts there. Improving the quality of life for others in our community is the goal, sometimes that happens one used toilet at a time like Steve said. 

I personally believe that the greatest thing about us humans is, that a natural phenomenon seems to occur when we give to others or we attempt to be helpful to others. Suddenly we feel incredibly satisfied and complete in doing simple things for other people. In an emergency situation you'll notice that humans tend to run to help or shelter one another, and some really brave humans even run TOWARDS danger in the hopes of saving others... it is pretty remarkable isn't it? The same feeling is achievable in a much simpler and local way... get out there and go help Habitat! 

If you are able, if you have extra materials or other items that you can donate to the restore, call and get it scheduled to be picked up! If you have time and you can donate that to volunteer, do it! If you are skilled and know how to fix things and want to give back to your community, Habitat is here for you. Also feel free to donate a house, we could use some of those too. 

We live in a time where people stare into screens more often than into the eyes and hearts of their fellow man. Until something catastrophic rips our eyes from our devices we continue stare down. Often times we miss the carnage in our digital haze, along with the beauty. This city,  our state, this nation and our world can use a little more humanity. We need more people to run to the aid of others and sacrifice for their less fortunate fellows. I am no exception. Admittedly I can do more, and I will! I challenge you to join me- lets try to make a difference! Find the cause that speaks to your heart and go out and find a way to make a change.

Even if it ends up just being 1 starfish that you throw back, it will make a huge difference for that 1 starfish. 

To get involved or donate please visit:

Tune in Tuesday morning for a new episode of the BLOCKtalk with one of Little Rocks favorite chefs! Until then, take care of each other.