My WHY - Hatching Bluebird Realty

I don’t think any truer words have been spoken than when it was said to me the other day:

Your dreams are really grandiose and they change all the time.

Nail. Hammer. Head. 

When I started doing work in real estate, way back at 18, 19 years old - I always knew it would be the thing I would do with my life in some capacity in the long term. I look back on having been licensed and educated in real estate, property management and appraisal all in one sitting and I think - what kind of CRAZY PERSON does that?! 

Talk about having no direction.

I just really wanted to be equipped to choose whatever path seemed to fit the best and at that age the only path I knew that didn’t fit, was the one where you go to college and follow a well thought out plan through life. I never wanted to follow the lines on the graph and for some reason I never felt the need to obtain the safety and security of the things that came along with all that structure. I always wanted to set my own trends, too... but, appraisal is a tricky field and the education and experience required to obtain a license takes a long time. So, for a long time it was the constant education of appraisal and the pieces of those puzzles that kept me excited and intrigued by our industry.  I never thought I would want to sell real estate but at the end of the day the work I was doing was never going to build up the dreams I have bouncing around in my brain - dreams full of grandeur and excitement.  I obtained my real estate license in 2013 because I wanted to help close family and friends and also make a little money to supplement my income. I didn’t want to sell so I hung my license with a broker that really only wanted success for me and never really asked anything of me. At the time the thought never occurred that I may be able to make a real career out of selling homes.  Fast forward to the year 2017. 

After working for who I consider to be one the best appraisers in the state, Rick Bertram, I learned more and became more confident in my abilities than I ever had but I was BURNT OUT. I was finally licensed and able to practice on my own and Rick had empowered me to be confident enough to run my own little appraisal firm. I had fun, I didn’t go out of business and I stumbled into the networking organization, BNI along the way.  I had no idea what a perfect storm was brewing way back then. I remember looking at Rick and saying, “I just don’t think I want to do this anymore, it doesn’t bring me JOY.” He said, “Jamie - If I were you - I would sell real estate. You’ve got nothing to lose.” Rewind to 2013 - my husband, parents, friends and loved ones alike have always pushed me to do sales - ALWAYS referring to my outgoing personality as my bartering chip for a successful climb to the top of the sales force. But I always resisted, fervently telling my husband I spent too much time in the industry to cave in to the peer pressure.  As those words from Rick replayed in my mind, and I laid eyes on the format for BNI and I realized the power of innovative marketing and branding - I was on the edge of finding my true passions and bringing those giant dreams back to mind.  Enter Kristen Kennon and iRealty Arkansas.

Kristen is an empowering and kind leader. She and Janet are so, SO special to me just as the whole tribe is.  They believe so fiercely and love so deeply, the agents they onboard,  that they empower them to believe in themselves in return. I remember when I met Kristen, one year ago last Thursday, and thought - this girl is going to do BIG things! I never imagined that for me, that was possible too.  I spent the next year pouring my heart and soul into that company and those people and trying my hardest to pay them back for the love and support they gave me, my first year in the game - slinging real estate and having a blast. My time at iRealty will FOREVER remain among my favorite memories and those people are woven into the fabric of my life for sure.  My decision to leave iRealty came solely from a desire embedded so deeply within me, that when an opportunity was presented to me that made sense, I saw my big vision replay in a split second - I knew I had to step out on the ledge while I was feeling inspired because it's terrifying! .... And equally thrilling.

You see, I come from the other side of this country, and I come from very little, if anything. I have only lived in Arkansas for 11 years this August, and coincidentally, my son will be 11 in August. I was fairly young, 21,  when he was born.  I raised him mostly on my own with little, if any financial or emotional support. I met Joey Taylor when Hunter was 5 years old. When we fell in love and they met, my world ignited in fireworks. I have never been so fiercely protected, so loved in my crazy, rare form and oh so unapologetically. I have learned a million things from Joey but I am mostly grateful to him....  that he has always made sure I was a priority to me... he taught me that my dreams do matter, and that I don’t have to apologize for their size or audacity. From him and also from the school of hard knocks, I learned that money was a tool and one that I would likely never have a grasp on if I didn't open my mind and embrace the possibility of wealth and growth, abundance. I never thought it possible for someone like me, who never knew what it meant to have “extra” money, to get anywhere in that department.  After all, I was the first member of my family to obtain any degree above a high school diploma and only recently did I complete a college degree that I felt was needed, to be legitimized among my peers.  I never dreamed that people would want to hear what I had to say, let alone listen.  But then that brings me back to BNI —

No one tells you in school that networking is literally the entire basis of a business when you are in really any field that relies on the public opinion.  Rarely does anyone you network with take time to invest in your life, either, with their main concern being financial gain - sound about right? BNI flips the script a little and I hate to sound like I am selling something here but maybe I am! The givers gain concept is something we should all live by. Do a little something for your neighbor and maybe they turn around and help someone else who needs it. It’s pretty much kindness training with a business application. My point is, it can massively impact and grow your business when you operate it correctly. When I went after my chapter - I went after it with my HEART. I poured my time, energy, love and attention into ever detail. I threw parties and I did business with a TON of people. I got to know THEM and their WHY. I found out what drove them and it drove me to find out more--- about more people and more things and the list just kept getting longer.  As I grew my chapter, I grew the iRealty brand. In every gym tank top, T-shirt at the grocery store, sunglasses, banners, festivals and stickers - I lived and breathed and waved the iRealty flag and I loved every minute of it. In the back of my mind, the dream kept growing and the reality set in for me, that I would never have the chance to make my own mark on our industry.  

At the end of the day.... we all have our own vision. We all have our own spin on how we want the dream to play out ...regardless if we try to wrestle that dream to the ground or just wait for divine intervention, it is OUR dream nonetheless. 

When I met Zach Dennis through BNI, I thought I had hit the jackpot of landscapers. When I dug a little deeper as I began to use his services for our clients, I found that he was actually AMAZING at irrigation, landscape and landscape design, maintenance, he can get the roof cleaned the backyard fixed up, I mean there is nothing they don’t do and WELL - in a timely manner. That was enough for me. After I got the pleasure of helping he and his beautiful family buy a home, we started to hang out from time to time. I helped his brother too, and over time we got to be friends with both families. Zach and his wife, Anna, had a way of inspiring my little family to hold on to each other a little tighter. It seems like time just moves slower at the Dennis house, like simple things in life we all take for granted sort of just resonate out of their homes. That stuck with me, every time we hung out. It inspired me to look at how long and often I work, how much I sacrifice for the benefit of my clients. Something told me that they and we were going to do something together, I just had no idea that it was going to be this - or this soon! 

After an eventful dinner out, we came to an agreement about a vision we shared. I wanted a company of my own to concentrate on the skills I spent over a decade developing. I wanted a highly technological firm that focuses it’s energy on taking properties from one condition to another by restoring their charm or redesigning them for a new family in a different time. I also want my current clients and my retail clients to know MORE about real estate. I want them to never consider listing their property without having accurate measurements done and making sure it makes sense to them why their house is listed for X price and why it won’t be listed for price that doesn’t yield a result for them.   In combination, my husband  also wanted my dreams to be realized. He talked about me opening a brokerage the weekend I got my license in 2013, and I laughed it off. I told him no time and again and he patiently waited for the moment I gave him the other night when I turned to him and said, “Okay. I REALLY want my dreams to come true but I am scared to death and the only way I jump is head first with you.” He hasn’t looked back since. He is calculated and smart and supportive, he fits his role within the new company perfectly and I cannot wait to watch this all unfold. Zach’s wife, Anna is like our crown jewel, though she would prefer I never mention her or shed light on her classy, tactful self. She will soon learn I do not do well at being quiet. She is magical, full of ideas and it’s really fun to watch her eyes light up when she talks about a floor plan, a wall move, a specific feature... She is probably one of the funniest people I have ever met, she is graceful even in jest! In short, It is an honor and a privilege for our family to have the opportunity to partner with the Dennis family. And, we originally planned on just opening this flipping brokerage (no pun intended), but my dreams sure are grandiose... and they do seem to be ever-changing. 

Sergio Convers and I met when I first got my license and hung it up with David Bolick and Network Real Estate in 2013. We got along, he knew my husband well from their years playing soccer in the ARSCA, I always liked him, he made me laugh, and he was always about the details. Me, not so much.  When I left to iRealty, he was not far behind me. I think mostly because we really have always loved to work together and it just seemed to make sense, since we do see each other twice a week at soccer anyways.  I had actually already transferred my license from iRealty, back over to Network real estate to explore the flip company with the Dennis’ when Sergio told me he was ready to make a move on his own. He said he wanted to use his broker's license and his experience and I explained that someday I would have time to earn a brokers license, but until then I was going to sit tight and wait my turn.  I about fell out of my chair when he offered to broker for us. It made perfect sense. Someone I can count on with enough experience and strong desire to be a broker, all these years of friendship... it suddenly became clear that he was the missing piece. Why wait? Let's go ahead and JUMP OFF THAT LEDGE!

So, I present to you, today, OFFICIALLY:

BlueBird Realty

The bluebird is a symbol of joy and happiness. A symbol of good tidings.  My dream, my whole vision, is a complete experience in real estate that moves you to see it as more than just a home. Real estate is an investment, it’s a memory with your loved ones, it’s a path to a better life, it’s a way to feel safe from economic insecurity and I know so much about it. I believe in the ethical, educated ways of a licensed Realtor. I trust the educated appraiser and the qualified mortgage lender - I am their advocate but above all the advocate of my client. I am loyal and honest to a fault and I do believe the best in everyone I meet, so this transition has been bittersweet... to leave such a happy time in my life to explore the option of infinitely more happiness - I feel selfishly triumphant.

For the reader, this has been my explanation. A pick up your jaw, I really did do it! I am out here on my own with a real estate company explanation. It may not be needed for everyone... but it’s needed for me. As a member of the public and a trusted advisor to my clients, I am charged with the requirement to be honest in all of my actions - this one is no exception.

My dream and my vision, is nested in BlueBird Realty. I am blessed with an opportunity to use my unique experience and advanced training to assist my clients and help them to be successful in each of their real estate endeavors. We as a company, seek to take you under our wing, and help you to spread yours in real estate too, revealing what it holds for you and your destiny too.  

Thank you for all the love and support, kindness and consideration that has been handed to us in our new endeavor.  We wish all of our colleagues, clients and friends in the industry, all our best. 

See you out there! 


Jamie Taylor

Total GENIUS - How to stop Zillow & more, with 2 VERY smart dudes...

Okay, so where do I start? I guess I can start with the easier piece here - the human element. Daniel Schroeder and Matthew Young have developed a business tool that honestly has my mind blown. These two guys and their team operate in a space downtown where they can look down upon all the happenings, or as they see it, the data occurring in front of our eyes.

In an ever-changing and digitally dependent business landscape, Listing Village and their creators are responding with targeting, re-targeting, analyzing and tracking your digital presence and reach - in a way I have never seen before. Hey Facebookers- ever wonder how what you were talking about pops up in an ad on your newsfeed almost instantaneously? Well, blame these guys. Like agents of big brother or something, these tech savvy dudes are shaking up Little Rock and they started with my favorite market - Real Estate.

Essentially arming every agent, they encounter with their own personal Zillow, this algorithm and information that they have compiled and engineered is in its own category of amazing.

Recently, I watched as a user searched my site for a home that would suit their needs. They clicked on several homes that had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and all of them had a garage. That same user was logged into Facebook and began to see similar homes popping up into her feed - not from me but from other sources. She then clicked that link, which brought her right to me. Over and over, the user comes back to me because the technology keeps engaging her - without her knowledge. For those of you privacy lovers who feel like somehow we can avoid sharing our information but still stay connected - sorry but you can stop reading now. The rest of us know that without giving up some of our privacy, we won’t have access to the social media market - which is where all the business is taking place today.

The podcast is completely packed with information about Listing Village and probably a few not-so-nice comments about Zillow, but what can I say? I finally have a solution to the common buyer call ... “I want to buy this house I saw on Zillow,” and I have to break the news that it sold years ago. Listing Village allows us as agents to stop breaking  buyer’s hearts, and can lead consumer’s away from sites like Zillow. If you are interested in a new way to shop, check out my website and witness this revaluation for yourself:

Until next time, I’m OUT.


I stood in the middle to balance the intelligence out 😂😂😂

I stood in the middle to balance the intelligence out 😂😂😂

Kickin' it in the Capitol: The story behind the Little Rock Rangers

War Memorial Stadium seems to be quite the topic of conversation over the past few years here in Little Rock. As a transplant to the area, I have learned it is home to its natives. From a fun day at the golf course, to the tailgate before the Razorback games, War Memorial Stadium is special.  My attendance at the stadium and my knowledge of its history has significantly increased since the addition of the Little Rock Rangers Soccer Team.

If you are a soccer player, hopefully you are already aware of ARSCA. There is a GIANT league of co-ed adult soccer teams out at Burns Park in North Little Rock and lucky me, Jonathan Wardlaw played on the same Sunday night, seven-man team alongside myself, before the Rangers became a reality.

Soccer has the largest following in the WORLD. Soccer is also a game of passion, perseverance and patience. I’ve played all the sports I can think of and soccer is by far the one that makes me work the hardest, appreciate my body the most, and think the most. I enjoy the game and find it appropriate that it’s meaning is “the beautiful game.” Now, thanks to the hard work, determination, and passion that Wardlaw has for soccer, all Little Rock and Central Arkansas has a team to cheer on in our local stadium.

As you will hear on the podcast, Jonathan started with a dream. Sounds cliché, right? He wanted an opportunity to allow our kids to see soccer on another level here in Little Rock. With injury prone sports topping the list of popular sports these days, soccer provides a skilled, endurance, and cardio-intensive workout at each practice and game. Soccer has the ability to each kids about teamwork, dedication, perseverance, and so much more. The Little Rock Rangers gives these kids something to look forward to, whether they have a dream of playing in college, professional, or simply kicking the ball around with loved ones.

If you haven’t attended a Rangers game, felt the crowd roar, heard the drums beat - you have GOT to get out there THIS SEASON and cheer on our City’s team! Check out War Memorial stadium, enjoy local food and craft beer from Little Rock’s favorite cooks and brewers while cheering on the Little Rock Ranger’s as they move up the ranks in the NPSL.

For more information or to become a real Rangers fan - go like their page on Facebook or follow them on Instagram at:

You can also buy gear and season tickets online so hurry and get decked out before the game!

Thanks for supporting our city, and Jonathan thanks for working so hard to provide this opportunity to our city and its children. Until next time, I’m OUT.



Know your city! And - grow your Network through the Little Rock Regional Chamber

I love Little Rock. If you live here or have stumbled upon the city, you catch my drift. With it’s history and rich vibes, it’s no wonder I happened into so many serendipitous ties to Little Rock locals. This week I sat down with Derrell Hartwick, a friend I met at LA Fitness when it very first opened its doors.

Derrell was a Little Rock promoter from the start, immediately asking me if I had joined the chamber and what kind of business I was running here in the Capitol city. At the time, I was still a registered appraiser working for someone else and not particularly interested in growing my reach or expanding my network. Fast forward 7 years and here I am running a real estate business. During my first year selling up pops Derrell and the opportunity to join the Little Rock Regional Chamber. Again, it was at the gym only this time I’m getting closer to being able to arm wrestle this guy.

Derrell is a connector and his job is to make sure as a business owner and local professional, have access to the information and resources you need to thrive in this city. On the podcast, Derrell was kind enough to answer all my questions about the chamber that I didn’t already get answers to on the air.  I had a chance to complete my application to the chamber, pay my dues, and tour the facility they operate in Downtown Little Rock. It was eye-opening. This city is overflowing with ingenuity, innovation and a level of success in small business like I have never seen. The chamber throws a great party too, so there’s one reason to join right there!

If you haven’t joined the chamber or at least checked out the list of businesses who ARE members, you would be surprised to learn how many of your ideal clients are posted in the chamber. They are networking at local events you may not even be aware of. No matter what you do or who you are, if you live in this beautiful, eclectic, small town that we call our Capitol City, the Little Rock Regional Chamber wants to hear from you.

So what “AR” you waiting for? 

Check them out online at:

Or give them a call at 501-374-2001. You can also go and like the Chamber’s Facebook page and reach Derrell Hartwick on Facebook as well for information on membership.

Until next time, I’m OUT.




Dinner at the Diner - Donnie talks Cathead on the BLOCKtalk

I called Donnie Ferneau in the middle of the week just before a lunch rush to see if he would do me the pleasure of coming to speak with me and you on the BLOCKtalk podcast - I was nervous to see if he would be game or not! The thing is with Chef’s is, they can be kind of particular. What’s cool about Donnie is, he is particularly fun and lighthearted, and brings Little Rock a flavor of his own that boasts creativity combined with that good ‘ol down home southern charm. He and his partner, Kelli Marks, are about to unleash their talent and experience on our city with the opening of Cathead Diner.  I was relieved when Donnie agreed and by the sounds of it, he had a pretty good time right?! I will say he definitely should have brought some snacks! (Still accepting DONUT-ations, ha!) Really though, on the podcast Donnie talks menu items and teases us with stories of donuts and biscuits unlike anything we have tasted in the rock so far. I got hungry just hearing what’s in store for these two and the newest spot to grab a bite and enjoy the newest old part of city.... We also talked nutrition, healthy food, and why it isn’t as trendy as you may have thought. Beyond that the discussion led to the East Village project and how it seems to be gaining some serious momentum as Cathead Diner, Count Porkula, the Railway and more continue to emerge with their plans for the area. As it comes together, I am excited to bring on more guests with a commitment to bring Little Rock eastward towards these innovators and their new venues. Hang with me here on the BLOCKtalk and see who will join Donnie next in the village!

If you have information to share about our city and are interested in being a guest on the BLOCKtalk podcast, please send and email to: or Send me a DM on instagram @blocktalkwithjamietaylor

Tune in next week to hear all about the Little Rock Chamber and what it can do for your business! 



Oh - The (habitat for) Humanity! How can we help?

Energy is a bit of an understatement for this week's guest, wouldn't you say?! What a pleasure meeting with Steve Biernacki with Habitat for Humanity.  It was one of the things I looked forward to most when we started this podcast- the ability to help others and educate our audience on how they can help others too! On the BLOCKtalk it is always our intention to add value and sometimes that has nothing to do with money. 

What I heard Steve say on Tuesday morning was that our city is in desperate need of your help. Those less fortunate or in the low to moderate income areas of Little Rock, North Little Rock, all of central Arkansas really - sometimes just need a hand UP and sometimes it's as simple as helping to fix a leaky roof or busted faucet, repairing a foundation issue... or at least it starts there. Improving the quality of life for others in our community is the goal, sometimes that happens one used toilet at a time like Steve said. 

I personally believe that the greatest thing about us humans is, that a natural phenomenon seems to occur when we give to others or we attempt to be helpful to others. Suddenly we feel incredibly satisfied and complete in doing simple things for other people. In an emergency situation you'll notice that humans tend to run to help or shelter one another, and some really brave humans even run TOWARDS danger in the hopes of saving others... it is pretty remarkable isn't it? The same feeling is achievable in a much simpler and local way... get out there and go help Habitat! 

If you are able, if you have extra materials or other items that you can donate to the restore, call and get it scheduled to be picked up! If you have time and you can donate that to volunteer, do it! If you are skilled and know how to fix things and want to give back to your community, Habitat is here for you. Also feel free to donate a house, we could use some of those too. 

We live in a time where people stare into screens more often than into the eyes and hearts of their fellow man. Until something catastrophic rips our eyes from our devices we continue stare down. Often times we miss the carnage in our digital haze, along with the beauty. This city,  our state, this nation and our world can use a little more humanity. We need more people to run to the aid of others and sacrifice for their less fortunate fellows. I am no exception. Admittedly I can do more, and I will! I challenge you to join me- lets try to make a difference! Find the cause that speaks to your heart and go out and find a way to make a change.

Even if it ends up just being 1 starfish that you throw back, it will make a huge difference for that 1 starfish. 

To get involved or donate please visit:

Tune in Tuesday morning for a new episode of the BLOCKtalk with one of Little Rocks favorite chefs! Until then, take care of each other. 



Where's my money?! A closer look at mortgages with Jake Arey at Eagle Bank

This week's podcast was a lot of fun for yours truly! Jake has a lot of energy (which often accompanies youth), however his knowledge is what made him the perfect candidate for the BLOCKtalk. In my experience with Jake both personally and professionally, I have always felt challenged to raise my intellect to match the level of conversation and Tuesday's chat was no exception!! It is likely a result of Jake going after the most accurate information he can obtain on a consistent basis and dedicating himself to the satisfaction of his clients at every turn. Good job Jake, and thanks for coming on the podcast.

We learned from Jake - and yes he did wear khakis on Tuesday - that changes are likely coming from Dodd Frank and it could mean big news for our business! The link is at the bottom of the blog, be sure to check those and out and add value to your clients and colleagues by sharing what you find! 

Other helpful information we learned from Jake included the basics behind mortgage lending.  I found that advice to shop around, ask questions, and double check before making major purchases, were key things that our clients should take away from the conversation with their lender. Remember also that while you're doing all that HGTV binge watching, NOT to take out that Home Depot credit line until AFTER CLOSING! You could jeapordize your whole deal by snagging that washer and dryer on sale so when in doubt, ASK YOUR LENDER! 

The importance of a good Realtor, and a lender with which they communicate well and have experience dealing with, are high on the priority list for a first time homebuyer. Navigating the terrain of your first home purchase is scary stuff! Do your research, and don't settle for "I think so." Get educated, put the time in and make good choices - just like in life, it will totally pay off. 

If you need a home loan and want to test Jake's skills yourself, click his link at the bottom of the blog and let's go buy you a house! 

Next week, listen in as we find out what's in store for the RESTORE and so much more, with Steve Biernacki of Habitat for Humanity! 

Until then, stay jacked up and I'll catch you Tuesday on the BLOCKtalk.