Dinner at the Diner - Donnie talks Cathead on the BLOCKtalk

I called Donnie Ferneau in the middle of the week just before a lunch rush to see if he would do me the pleasure of coming to speak with me and you on the BLOCKtalk podcast - I was nervous to see if he would be game or not! The thing is with Chef’s is, they can be kind of particular. What’s cool about Donnie is, he is particularly fun and lighthearted, and brings Little Rock a flavor of his own that boasts creativity combined with that good ‘ol down home southern charm. He and his partner, Kelli Marks, are about to unleash their talent and experience on our city with the opening of Cathead Diner.  I was relieved when Donnie agreed and by the sounds of it, he had a pretty good time right?! I will say he definitely should have brought some snacks! (Still accepting DONUT-ations, ha!) Really though, on the podcast Donnie talks menu items and teases us with stories of donuts and biscuits unlike anything we have tasted in the rock so far. I got hungry just hearing what’s in store for these two and the newest spot to grab a bite and enjoy the newest old part of city.... We also talked nutrition, healthy food, and why it isn’t as trendy as you may have thought. Beyond that the discussion led to the East Village project and how it seems to be gaining some serious momentum as Cathead Diner, Count Porkula, the Railway and more continue to emerge with their plans for the area. As it comes together, I am excited to bring on more guests with a commitment to bring Little Rock eastward towards these innovators and their new venues. Hang with me here on the BLOCKtalk and see who will join Donnie next in the village!

If you have information to share about our city and are interested in being a guest on the BLOCKtalk podcast, please send and email to: info@mimusmarketing.com or Send me a DM on instagram @blocktalkwithjamietaylor

Tune in next week to hear all about the Little Rock Chamber and what it can do for your business!