I ❤️ Lucy!

When I started the BLOCKtalk and made the deal to drop a blog every week, I knew I would get lost in the details. It is not my strong suit - where I am strong is where my passion lies - education and

information related to real estate.  Buying and selling, interviewing industry experts, telling the most dad-like jokes possible for a non-dad :) 

My point in all this is that it really takes a village to keep me on track. When it comes to the BLOCKtalk and the Blog that accompanies it, I would be in a lot of grammatical trouble, practically a language lockdown if this cool chick hadn't breezed into my life like the Fonz at the diner on Happy Days.

I remember the first time I saw Lucy I thought to myself how COOL she was and how timeless her name, smile, beauty, laughter is...I want my audience to know who is behind the smooth lines on the blog - it's not me.  It's Lucy from the Lane, (get it?!)  Lucy works with me and our amazing tribe at iRealty and is so much more than a co-worker.

Lucy is an energy all her own, a photographer with skills she doesn't appear to charge enough for-(SERIOUSLY SHE'S AMAZING). I really admire the artistic, funny and authentic touch that this girl puts on everything she touches.  It's Lucy - my honest, captivating, hilarious, kind, helpful and a total wordsmith that keeps me on my toes and that will be making sure you are getting your follow up to the weekly podcast with our Friday blog.

Jamie Taylor