Kickin' it in the Capitol: The story behind the Little Rock Rangers

War Memorial Stadium seems to be quite the topic of conversation over the past few years here in Little Rock. As a transplant to the area, I have learned it is home to its natives. From a fun day at the golf course, to the tailgate before the Razorback games, War Memorial Stadium is special.  My attendance at the stadium and my knowledge of its history has significantly increased since the addition of the Little Rock Rangers Soccer Team.

If you are a soccer player, hopefully you are already aware of ARSCA. There is a GIANT league of co-ed adult soccer teams out at Burns Park in North Little Rock and lucky me, Jonathan Wardlaw played on the same Sunday night, seven-man team alongside myself, before the Rangers became a reality.

Soccer has the largest following in the WORLD. Soccer is also a game of passion, perseverance and patience. I’ve played all the sports I can think of and soccer is by far the one that makes me work the hardest, appreciate my body the most, and think the most. I enjoy the game and find it appropriate that it’s meaning is “the beautiful game.” Now, thanks to the hard work, determination, and passion that Wardlaw has for soccer, all Little Rock and Central Arkansas has a team to cheer on in our local stadium.

As you will hear on the podcast, Jonathan started with a dream. Sounds cliché, right? He wanted an opportunity to allow our kids to see soccer on another level here in Little Rock. With injury prone sports topping the list of popular sports these days, soccer provides a skilled, endurance, and cardio-intensive workout at each practice and game. Soccer has the ability to each kids about teamwork, dedication, perseverance, and so much more. The Little Rock Rangers gives these kids something to look forward to, whether they have a dream of playing in college, professional, or simply kicking the ball around with loved ones.

If you haven’t attended a Rangers game, felt the crowd roar, heard the drums beat - you have GOT to get out there THIS SEASON and cheer on our City’s team! Check out War Memorial stadium, enjoy local food and craft beer from Little Rock’s favorite cooks and brewers while cheering on the Little Rock Ranger’s as they move up the ranks in the NPSL.

For more information or to become a real Rangers fan - go like their page on Facebook or follow them on Instagram at:

You can also buy gear and season tickets online so hurry and get decked out before the game!

Thanks for supporting our city, and Jonathan thanks for working so hard to provide this opportunity to our city and its children. Until next time, I’m OUT.