Total GENIUS - How to stop Zillow & more, with 2 VERY smart dudes...

Okay, so where do I start? I guess I can start with the easier piece here - the human element. Daniel Schroeder and Matthew Young have developed a business tool that honestly has my mind blown. These two guys and their team operate in a space downtown where they can look down upon all the happenings, or as they see it, the data occurring in front of our eyes.

In an ever-changing and digitally dependent business landscape, Listing Village and their creators are responding with targeting, re-targeting, analyzing and tracking your digital presence and reach - in a way I have never seen before. Hey Facebookers- ever wonder how what you were talking about pops up in an ad on your newsfeed almost instantaneously? Well, blame these guys. Like agents of big brother or something, these tech savvy dudes are shaking up Little Rock and they started with my favorite market - Real Estate.

Essentially arming every agent, they encounter with their own personal Zillow, this algorithm and information that they have compiled and engineered is in its own category of amazing.

Recently, I watched as a user searched my site for a home that would suit their needs. They clicked on several homes that had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and all of them had a garage. That same user was logged into Facebook and began to see similar homes popping up into her feed - not from me but from other sources. She then clicked that link, which brought her right to me. Over and over, the user comes back to me because the technology keeps engaging her - without her knowledge. For those of you privacy lovers who feel like somehow we can avoid sharing our information but still stay connected - sorry but you can stop reading now. The rest of us know that without giving up some of our privacy, we won’t have access to the social media market - which is where all the business is taking place today.

The podcast is completely packed with information about Listing Village and probably a few not-so-nice comments about Zillow, but what can I say? I finally have a solution to the common buyer call ... “I want to buy this house I saw on Zillow,” and I have to break the news that it sold years ago. Listing Village allows us as agents to stop breaking  buyer’s hearts, and can lead consumer’s away from sites like Zillow. If you are interested in a new way to shop, check out my website and witness this revaluation for yourself:

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I stood in the middle to balance the intelligence out 😂😂😂

I stood in the middle to balance the intelligence out 😂😂😂